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NetCIL Release
Monday, January 23, 2006 @ 11:15:29 AM EST by Greg Galbraith

NetCIL - The new generation of software for use with CFAL

NetCIL Manager Beta Test for California CILs:

This beta test version of NetCIL Manager is capable of generating the 2006 spreadsheet CILR that is now required by the California DoR. Release version 1.0, scheduled for October 2006, will also be capable of generating the 2006 RSA 704 Report.

NetCIL Manager setup package - Version 0.47 - Release date January 23 2006. You must also have the Microsoft .Net* Framework version 1.1 and Microsoft Excel* installed on your computer. File size = 0.5 Mb.


NetCIL IRLog is the first of a new generation of applications that are designed to assist ILCs with data management. IRLog allows your users to record intakes quickly and efficiently, and it can log anonymous referrals in compliance with new 2006 RSA requirements.  All NetCIL applications are 100% compatible with current versions of our Microsoft Access* CFAL data management system. In addition, NetCIL applications integrate seamlessly with Microsoft SQL Server, and they're optimized for the Windows XP* platform. For information about upgrading your existing CFAL database from Access to SQL Server, please contact us.

NetCIL IRLog file server patch - Click this link, select 'run' or 'open' when prompted. You should see no messages; the process will terminate automatically. This process only needs to be run once, but even file servers that have been upgraded for FY2006 compatibility should run this procedure prior to installing NetCIL IRLog version 1.1. There is no harm in running the procedure more than once.

NetCIL IRLog setup package - Version 1.1 - Release date December 7 2005. You must also have Microsoft .Net Framework version 1.1 installed on your computer. File size = 2.1 Mb.

Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 installation package. - Each computer that runs NetCIL applications must install the 1.1 version of the Microsoft .Net Framework. File size = 23.7 Mb.

* Windows, XP, .Net, Excel, Access, and SQL Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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