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Energy marketers buy and sell natural gas, providing customers with a cheaper alternative than dealing directly with the utility. In providing this service, energy marketers need a way to easily manage their customers. This includes not only having a database of customer account information, but also a way to communicate with the utilities. Even though the applications include the term "Residential", we also support the handling of commercial accounts.

We have developed two applications, Residential Utility Interface and Residential Client, that are designed specifically for this industry. We have split up the functionality so that it is easier to delegate responsibilities when it comes to managing your customers and dealing with the utilities. Residential Utility Interface could be considered as a more administrative application, while Residential Client is geared more towards customer support and maintenance.

Residential Utility Interface

Residential Utility Interface The Residential Utility Interface application provides the following capabilities:
  • Create enrollment files that communicate new customers, as well as account changes like a rate change, to the utility.
  • Process data files from the utility that are used to confirm new enrollments, account changes, customer consumption data, and so on.
  • An easy way to manage programs with the utilities, with the corresponding pricing.
  • A simple way to roll customer programs over to a new one.
  • Import customers using a spreadsheet that is provided with a pre-defined format.
  • Reporting (RUI currently includes two reports: a Usage Report and an Account Status report.)

Currently, we have the ability to interface with the following utilities:

  • MichCon/DTE Energy
  • Columbia of Ohio
  • Consumers Energy
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • Vectren

If a utility that you work with isn't currently supported, we can work with you to develop that utility interface so that it can be added to RUI. More often than not it is very simple to add a new utility because many utilities have similar interfaces.

Click here for more information and screenshots of some of the features of the Residential Utility Interface software.

Residential Client

Residential Utility Interface Residential Client is an application that provides the user the ability to add, edit, and delete customer information. You can also search for customers using one, or more, of 10 search parameters.

Not only can you manage typical customer information like account number, service address, etc. you also can view a history for each customer or account. The history is a record of every process that has been performed for the account. Residential Client also has the ability for you to have customers that have multiple meters, or service addresses.

Click here for more information and screenshots of some of the features of the Residential Client software.

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